Short note about microtubule

1. Fine tubular structure
2. Unbranched
3. Hollow structure
4. Temperory
5. Made of globular protein units
6. called tubulin
7. Part of cytoskeleton
8. Build up cilia and flagella
9. Microtubules arrangement in
them is (9+2)
10. Build up Centrioles
11. Microtubules arrangement in
them is (9+0)
12. Build up spindle fibres
13. and take part in chromosomal
movement during nuclear division
14. Thickest of all three components
of cytoskeleton
15. Takes part in intra cellular
transport of organelles
16. Build up Basal body
17. Microtubule arrangement in it
is (9+0)
18. Takes part in cytoplasmic
division or Cytokinesis
19. Doesn’t involve in forming cell
20. Absent in prokaryotes

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